Thursday, July 31, 2014

Breathe... It will get better soon!

Hello, my few and faithful followers!  August is less than 2 hours away and I am actually posting for a second time this calendar year!  Break out the horns and streamers!

Folks, I have to admit, this year has not been my favorite!  Gomez was laid off from his job of 7 years in January and, though he has gained amazing employment with a very old and large company, it has been one metaphorical storm after another.  If he ever gets through the training portion of this new job and finally gets through his 90 day probationary period we will party like it is 1999!  Again!  Seriously, time is flying by at an exponential pace, but this training is slow as a snail.  Oh.  Did I mention he is out of town a lot?  Just a trifle detail.  Maddening, more like it!  The poor lad called and told me he cannot listen to one of our favorite bands anymore because the songs make him miss me too much.  Damn you, Robert Smith!

On top of the afore mentioned fiasco, we have had relatives with health issues, deaths, the theft /disappearance of my very sentimental Christmas present from Gomez and all of the other not-so-amazing events that happen in this thing called life.

Oh, wow!  That feels better!  Get it all out and... Breathe!

Visiting the lighter side, I have been very busy with my job and household chores and projects.  If I inhale anymore paint fumes I may need to go to rehab!  My front doors and patio fence have never looked better, though!  The past few months have found me getting certified to work with crystals to help others and really getting to know who I am, what /who I believe in and where I want it to all lead.  It has been an interesting sideline to this tedious year.  Bottom line, be deeply grateful, have trust and the patience of a saint.  It isn't any easy road to hoe, but I think I will be better off for these lessons learned.

Things will and are getting better.  Is any one else out there having the same kind of year?  If so, leave a comment and let me know so I can include you when I send out the good crystal vibes! 

Peace and crystal blessings!

P.S. Has anyone seen a tanzanite ring set in white gold anywhere?

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