Thursday, July 31, 2014

Breathe... It will get better soon!

Hello, my few and faithful followers!  August is less than 2 hours away and I am actually posting for a second time this calendar year!  Break out the horns and streamers!

Folks, I have to admit, this year has not been my favorite!  Gomez was laid off from his job of 7 years in January and, though he has gained amazing employment with a very old and large company, it has been one metaphorical storm after another.  If he ever gets through the training portion of this new job and finally gets through his 90 day probationary period we will party like it is 1999!  Again!  Seriously, time is flying by at an exponential pace, but this training is slow as a snail.  Oh.  Did I mention he is out of town a lot?  Just a trifle detail.  Maddening, more like it!  The poor lad called and told me he cannot listen to one of our favorite bands anymore because the songs make him miss me too much.  Damn you, Robert Smith!

On top of the afore mentioned fiasco, we have had relatives with health issues, deaths, the theft /disappearance of my very sentimental Christmas present from Gomez and all of the other not-so-amazing events that happen in this thing called life.

Oh, wow!  That feels better!  Get it all out and... Breathe!

Visiting the lighter side, I have been very busy with my job and household chores and projects.  If I inhale anymore paint fumes I may need to go to rehab!  My front doors and patio fence have never looked better, though!  The past few months have found me getting certified to work with crystals to help others and really getting to know who I am, what /who I believe in and where I want it to all lead.  It has been an interesting sideline to this tedious year.  Bottom line, be deeply grateful, have trust and the patience of a saint.  It isn't any easy road to hoe, but I think I will be better off for these lessons learned.

Things will and are getting better.  Is any one else out there having the same kind of year?  If so, leave a comment and let me know so I can include you when I send out the good crystal vibes! 

Peace and crystal blessings!

P.S. Has anyone seen a tanzanite ring set in white gold anywhere?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, My Dearly Departed Brother and Mentor!

So, nothing like starting the new year off right with a long over-due post.  And to make it worthy of the name of my humble blog, I will make it about my brother and mentor who left this mortal coil 25 years ago on November 2, 1988.  Hard to believe I have lived without him in my life for that long, or that HE WOULD BE 52 YEARS OLD TODAY!!  Only one word for that... Weird.  His name was Frederick (not really, but that is his name here for anonymity's sake).  He was a force of nature and a unique and charismatic individual.  His chosen profession was as a Cosmetologist and he was an incredibly talented hairdresser and makeup artist.  He would have been famous had he lived.  I know it!  But, alas, he did not get to realize all of his potential, as he was just too, too good for this planet.
He taught me a lot, albeit he was 9 years older than me and I was his little muse.  He loved Bo Derek and the movie "10".  My scalp and hair were not happy about this.  Nor was my neck, thinking about it. Hours of my childhood were spent with my head laying sideways on an ottoman as dear Frederick braided corn-rows into my hair as he watched the afternoon soap operas.  But I always looked great after the torture!  I secretly loved the attention and he knew it.  He was the "sparkly" person every child cherishes looks forward to seeing.

The summer before his passing I got to live with him in the big city.  He gave me trust and a short leash and I never let him down.  During this period he taught me etiquette, manners, grace and to always strive for perfection.  During Gomez's family gatherings this education has come in very handy, indeed!  That summer is forever emblazoned in my brain, from shopping, Disneyland and concerts galore to getting drunk the first time on champagne at a little Italian dive we used to frequent.  I wouldn't change a single moment because I was with him. 

Oddly, I ended up somewhat following in his creative footsteps by accident when I started my career working on wigs and being a makeup artist.  Hopefully he would be proud of me and my accomplishments. 
Frederick, Morticia and our brother Wyatt, Christmas 1971
This post could go on forever, but I will stop here.  Maybe I will chronicle more moments with him in the future, but for now, I am going to go bake Red Velvet Brownies in honor and memory of him because he would love them!

Happy, happy birthday, my love!  I know you are with me more often than not.  I love and miss you!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Still not good at this whole blogging thing... Or, how the Grinch is trying to steal my Christmas

Well, another almost year and I am finally up to posting a new entry.  Honestly, I just don't think about it.  I also don't have any sponsors to beholden to either, so I guess I am like thousands of others out there who have a blog and just don't play with it.  Sorry, blog!

Anyway, as the holiday season looms, once again, I find myself wanting to be crafty and I am darn good at it!  The trouble is, I don't FEEL it...  Meaning ideas abound, but the mere thought of expending time or energy on any of them is just daunting.  Depression symptom?  Maybe, but mostly likely I have just been so busy with other aspects of my life all year that I just need time to do... nothing.  We are also flipping families this year for the two big holidays and, while I am glad to do it, I am having the weepies about not being with my family for Christmas this year.  In all fairness to Gomez's clan, we have not been with them for Christmas in about 15 years.  However, this will be my first one away from my family since my daddy died 5 years ago.  Oh!  And my mommy just got re-married in our backyard less than two weeks ago, so there is that concern as well.  Thankfully she and the new hubby have my brother and his flock to make merry with.

Gomez and I have had to be away from each other for several months out of this year and it is very unusual and, quite frankly, it was hard and neither one of us liked being away from hearth and home and pups and each other!  We actually like each other and like spending time with each other.  I even feel guilty right now as I sit writing this, because it is taking time away from us.  The fact that he is in feeding his motor-head with cars and motorcycles on TV assuages my guilt to a degree.  The only times we have had together throughout the summer were on paranormal investigations and then we were sometimes separated or, as the job dictates, we have to be somewhat quiet and sit in the dark listening for things to "go bump in the night".  Hardly romantic and rather exhausting with staying up to all hours, but it is fun and it something we both enjoy doing.  Speaking of which, I will be trying to add and update my Ghost Hunting page soon, maybe even today.  Look out!  I could be on a roll!

I segue, so let's get back on track... crafts and crafty, clever things and ideas!  With a name like Morticia, I obviously like certain things like gardening, knitting, herbalism, embroidery and so on and so forth.  So, naturally for my Christmas gifts this year I will be trying to make natural-based homemade gifts.  I can't tell you what all of them will be, as Ophelia will, no doubt read this and one of these goodies will actually be her birthday gift.  I will post photos later, however, so you will get to see them all.  First on the list of things to make is liquid soap.  Not the cheater kind that you make with a bar of soap and dilute it, but real, good stuff!  Below is a pic of some I made last year.  I normally make bar-soap, but I find most people put it on their shelf because "it is so pretty, I don't want to use it."  Really?!  I slaved over a hot pot for the better part of a day making four batches of the stuff and it isn't being used?!  Well, maybe the liquid version will get its moment of glory!

Last year's liquid soap.  Not bad for my first attempt!
Baked goods will also be on the list of gifts given and will include homemade dark chocolate and gingerbread cookies that make the body swoon.  Still trying to come up with the perfect gift for my close menagerie of friends who are all so very different, but not.  How to bring joy to them all in one fell swoop?  Not sure, but I am getting close.  For the imbibers of spirits in my life, there will be Apple Pie "Moonshine" and Cranberry Cordial that are steeping away as I type.  I will try to post the recipes for all from those who are so inclined to be adventurous.
Well, the guilt is over-riding me, so back to Gomez and a lazy Sunday together (Yay!).  I am going to go pop in the Grinch DVD and get him out of my system.  No Christmases will be stolen in this house if I have anything to say about it!  Be blessed, be well, be happy and thank you for reading my version of a psycho-therapy session.  Ciao for now!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Long time no blog...again! And a rant about idiocy...

Hello to all from the wintry tundra of the mountains I call home!  Happy Valentine's Day, too!

Violets, the official flowers of February

It has been a while since I have bothered to even think about this poor, neglected blog of mine, but upon doing some research online for a homemade version of Purex Crystals, I decided to take inspiration from Jen at  I love her rants and she makes me laugh and I do believe we both feel better for it.  And it so much cheaper than therapy!
fair warning, though, for those of you who go to her site, she does use some naughty language.  You cannot say I did not warn you!  I love her site even more because of it!  Raw honesty is so refreshing!

Anyway, it appears that every single person in the blogoshpere who has made their own "fabric softener crystals" cannot read the back of a Purex Crystals bottle!  The ingredients say:  Sugar, bentonite clay, fragrance and colorant.  Sounds pretty simple, right?  Then why are all of these fabulous bloggers using SALT and EPSOM SALTS to make this stuff!!  My next project will be to replicate this glorius concoction and then post the results for all to see.  If I fail, oh, well, but if I am triumphant the world will know and I will post the recipe!  It is simply figuring out ingredient ratios.
So, with that off my chest, I can now go conquer the world and enjoy this oh-so-sweet holiday! 

May all who have found love have it grow deeper,
and those who have not, may they find it and have it flourish!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Magical Bean Pot

If any of you are familiar with Celebrating Home products, you probably know about their "Bean Pot", pictured below, that you can cook just about anything in.  It is stoneware and can go in the freezer, fridge, microwave or oven and is dishwasher safe.  Yes, I realize this sounds like an ad, but it really is an amazing addition to any kitchen because it makes cooking so much easier.  I am going to use mine to make a "Chocolate Lava Dump Cake" to go with Christmas dinner.  It is called a "Dump Cake" because you dump the ingredients into the pot, mix it and bake it.  So easy!  I am including the recipe below.

Chocolate Lava Dump Cake
You will need:

1 box chocolate cake mix
ingredients listed on cake mix box
1 can chocolate frosting
Powdered Sugar (optional)
Bean Pot

Place all cake mix and ingredients in Bean Pot and whisk, stir until blende.  Drop 5-6 heaping tablespoons of frosting on top.  Place lid on pot ( if your microwave is small, flip the lip upside down).  Cook on high for 8 minutes or until knife comes out clean.  If additional cooking time is needed, do it in 1 minute intervals.  Let set for 5 minutes before serving.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar, if desired.  CAUTION!  It will be very hot!!  Serve alone or with ice cream.  Enjoy!

Look out spirits, here we come!

Gomez got me an EMF detector for Christmas, so now we can really go do some investigations!  We hope to be able to join a local group to cut our teeth and learn a few more things.  I will keep you posted! (No pun intended!)

Christmas is already here!

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone is with family and friends and feeling loved, warm and contented.  Being in Arizona with my family we are definitely warm...62 degrees on Christmas Eve!  Seeing all the family at my brother's house last night was so much fun, with everyone eating until they were about to burst and teasing and poking fun at one another.  There was not a dull moment! 
Gomez, the pack 'o pups and I wish you all a very merry, blessed Christmas and hope that the love and spirit of Christ carry you through the new year with health, wealth and happiness!  (And, yes, our tree is black!)